Wow, I am on a roll.

Last year I did the 12 8 Days of Christmas where I shared all of the wonderful and festive things I did to prepare for Santa. This year, to top that, I posted about Halloween, cats, and then... nothing. It is 4 days until Christmas and I have nothing (blog wise) to show for it. In my defense, I was unemployed last Christmas which left plenty of time for crafty shenanigans. This year, I am gainfully employed (yay!) but that unfortunately puts me in the position of crafting or blogging, but not both. Plus, I'm just really tired, man.

I didn't go as much into decorating mode this year - meaning I didn't decorate my guest bathroom and I didn't strew pine cones everywhere - but I did cover the basics.

Tree up, lit and decorated? Check.

Stockings hung by the mantle with care? Check.

Presents wrapped and under the tree? Check. Presents wrapped in reusable fabric bags? Double check.

I didn't get around to making any oyster crackers or holiday bark this year, but we canned a bunch of homemade marinara sauce - using tomatoes from our garden, no less - to give as gifts instead. So, yay. I did however get around to crafting a few things for the mantle and I plan to take a few quick photos tonight to share with you. If I don't - and that's a big if - just pretend my mantle looks exactly like something out of Martha Stewart Living. Because it totally does.

But just so you don't think I'm making all this up, here's some Instagram pics of our family getting in the holiday spirit.

Daddy and Luke decorating the tree

tree lit up with Christmas Village and fabric-wrapped gifts

new monster ornament made by Dull Roar Studio, aka my good friend Libby

a few of my favorite Christmas ornaments

wall hanging, of sorts, I made from framed Christmas cards, also by Libby

So there you have it. Photographic proof that Christmas exists at our house this year. Like I said, I will try really REALLY hard to take more pictures for you guys this weekend, but if not this will have to do. 

Merry Christmas!

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