Christmas Time Is Here Again

We are ready for Santa at our house! We put up our tree last Sunday and I spent this past week putting the final touches on the decorations.

When I bought our stockings last year I knew I was pregnant but for some reason I didn't buy a third one for the baby. I tried to find another one this year but no luck. Fortunately Steven's grandmother offered to buy Luke his stocking so I picked out this soft fleecy one from Pottery Barn.

The tree got decked out in the same lights and star as last year but this time I actually dug out our ornaments. We don't have that many - most of them represent our life milestones - so we'll build our collection as we go.

Also making a second appearance are the winter village houses under the tree. I love how they look nestled between the presents!

You may have noticed pillow switcheroo for my white chair (the other one moved to the dining table to make room for the tree). This is a pillow my mom cross stitched for our family the year before I was born. Since my mom has gotten remarried - and doesn't have the last name "LANEY" anymore - she passed the pillow along to me. It makes me want to pull out my embroidery supplies and get crafty myself.

Speaking of my mom's embroidery, I put one of her holiday hand towels in the guest bathroom. The red fits right in with the existing color scheme, don't you think?
The hand towel is hanging out with our holiday air freshener. To be honest, this is one of the quickest, cheapest DIYs I've posted on the blog and I can't even take credit for it. After we put up the tree and trimmed the bottom branches - gotta make room for presents! - the hubby grabbed a few pieces headed for the compost pile and stuck them in this bucket so our guests could enjoy the scent of pine trees as they wash up. Well, he didn't do it entirely on his own - I rearranged the branches in the bucket to make them look better. But he was the brains of the operation. He's so smart!
To add even more holiday spirit to the guest bathroom I hung a strand of Wolfpack lights. Tacky? Probably, but I don't care. I love my Wolfpack almost as much as I love Christmas. So there.
Last, but not least, I whipped up a simple centerpiece for the kitchen table using items I already had. I grabbed my vintage cake plate, a glass cake dome, 3 star ornaments and - voila! - instant centerpiece. The cake dome lets me feel like I am participating in the hugely popular bell jar/terrarium trend and it keeps the cats from knocking the ornaments onto the floor. It's a win-win. I love this so much I might keep the cake plate all year and just swap out the contents.

What about you guys? Have you decorated already? Or do you put up your tree on Christmas eve?

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