Whose Cats Have an Amy Butler Cat Toy? Mine.

During my recent adventures in pom-pom making, I tried to make a pom from some leftover Amy Butler crib skirt fabric. Tried is the operative word. Both attempted poms turned out horribly and went straight into the trash. Prior to making the poms I got a little over zealous with my rotary cutter. "These will be so cute," I thought, "I will make one for each of my friends !" Since the poms didn't work out I ended up with a giant pile of fabric strips.

I couldn't bear to let such beautiful fabric go to waste so I whipped up this cat toy with the Amy Butler strips and some jersey scraps. All I did was take 15 strips, of equal length, and braided them into 5 ropes. Then I used the jersey to tie the ropes together, and I had myself a cat toy.

Now, I don't flatter myself to think that this is something anyone would pay for, but it was a quick project using materials that were headed for the trash. It's a win-win, right?

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