New Jewelry, Part 2

After my successful run at creating a pom-pom necklace, I wanted to make another one using this tutorial and scrap jersey fabric left over from this dress-to-top transformation. I love it! The ruffles are just so fun and feminine!

After I made the pom-pom necklace I still had tons of scrap jersey so I whipped up this braided beauty. I am really digging the contrast stitching and exaggerated hardware.

My last necklace was inspired by the work of Kate Miss. I don't like to rip off other designers, but I am not in a place to drop $50 on an accessory. So I did the next best thing - I DIYed it! It's not too terrible if I don't sell it or claim the design as mine, right? Again, I celebrated the hardware and I did a double strand in shades of red - perfect to be debuted at a Wolfpack football game!
Heavy hardware is definitely new for me, but I am loving the results!

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