Gimmeakiss Farewell

I've been in a bit of a blogging rut lately.

It's not that I haven't been doing anything worth sharing, I just haven't felt like posting. In fact, I have many posts that I promised you and then never followed up on, like a full re-cap of my cruiseall the thrifty finds I bought at the beachmy fully re-decorated bedroom... and the list goes on. In case you're wondering, the resolutions to those cliff hangers are: I don't like Jamaica and having food poisoning on a boat SUCKS; I bought a weird mirror, vintage cocktail skewers and a brass pear dinner bell; my bedroom still isn't 100% clutter free but all the furniture is final. Now you can sleep at night. You're welcome.

So, that being said, it's time to step away from this little blog of mine.

I think it's the time commitment. Even with the minimal posting schedule like I have, it still takes time to do projects, take and edit photos, and write my content. I read many great blogs with few words and fewer pictures, but that's just not me. I'm a go-big-or-go-home sort of gal.

I'm not going to delete the blog. You can still browse the archives, if you're into that. You can follow me on Instagram. (My account is private but, don't worry, I'm not stingy with the 'accept' button). I'll still be active over on Peanut Stand, mainly because with a 2.5 year old in full toddler mode, most of that content writes itself. I may even make a reappearance here down the road. Only time will tell.

Until then, happy trails!

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