A Shameless Request for Votes

Hey guys, remember me? Probably not because I'm a terrible blogger. My days have been filled with applying for jobs and forcing a toddler to eat his vegetables - which is thrilling, trust me - but it isn't exactly blog fodder. I have some Christmas posts coming your way, but in the mean time let's talk about my harrier better half.

When my hubby isn't busy being an architect or spawning adorable babies he likes to invent things. Not in the kooky guy with gears and springs way, but in the awesome build stuff in our wood shed way.

not pictured: my hot hubby

He is also just a bit obsessed with playing video games and being no more than 3 feet away from his iPad at any time. So he came up with a nifty device that will allow him to ignore me while doing both of those things simultaneously.

graphic by my hubby, who is more awesome than yours

"iPad games are limited by the touch screen. The lack of tactile response and poor ergonomics makes some games (i.e. first person shooters) annoying after a few minutes of game play. By creating a case and controller combo that connects to the Ipad port this will allow game developers to create games like Call of Duty for the Ipad and get the same experience as an x-box. By concentrating on the ergonomics of the handle, players can play for hours without their hands cramping. The ICade is a similar product that solves a problem for retro-style arcade games. This concept is trying to do the same for more modern games."

To spread the word he posted his idea to Quirky, a website that helps form introductions between developers and inventors. If you think his idea is nifty, too, click here to view his idea page and then vote for him! You get 1,000 bonus points if you share the link on twitter/on facebook/on your blog/via skywriting. Or if you're a bazillionaire who loves to invest money in awesome ideas, email me and I'll be happy to relieve you of some of your money.

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