I Told You We Started A Garden

See, photo proof our garden.

I don't claim to know anything about growing plants, so I will just hit the high notes.
- we are following the square foot gardening raised bed method

- we have 2 4' x 4' beds, for a total of 32 plants
- we used a mixture of potting soil and home-grown compost
- we are growing only vegetables, with the exception of a lone strawberry plant, plus a few herbs in a separate pot

Until I have the pleasure of eating something that came from our garden, I won't have much to say on the matter. If we can keep the plants alive all summer, then maybe I'll share some 'expert tips.' Hah.

Perhaps the most notable part of our garden is the raised bed itself.

When we bought the house it came with a "garden" that looked like this:

Since we're so cheap crafty we pulled up the old pavers, turned them on their sides and used them to make 2 raised beds. Smart, eh? Of course we had to spend some dough to buy the soil, plants, fences, etc but the beds themselves were free. That was a big savings: those pavers cost $1.18 each, for a total of almost $38 for both beds. Ok, ok $38 isn't HUGE savings, but $38 is a lot when you're jobless.

Like I said, I won't talk your ears off type your eyes off about the actual plants until we prove we can grow anything.

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