I Have Crossed Over To The Dark Side

The Dark Side being the world of novelty camera apps. I resisted for quite sometime but then my need to be cool got the best of me. First I bought Camera Bag, but I was not impressed. It is nice to have multiple "lenses" in one place but I thought the interface was slow and clunky. Biggest pet peeve: you had to take a regular picture first, then apply the "camera" filters to it, causing you to have duplicate photos on your camera roll. There's technically nothing wrong with that, but it made me twitchy.

This week I downloaded ShakeIt Photo and I am much happier. With ShakeIt, I just snap a picture and it works its magic; I don't have to choose any lenses or settings. Here's a few test shots I snapped of some willing subjects things that couldn't run away from me.


sleepy kitty

olive oil canister


I am heading to the beach tomorrow for an anniversary mini-break - has it been 3 years already? - and I know I'll be snapping away all weekend. You guys have so much to look forward to.

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