Hooray for Fall!

I love fall. Love, love, love it! As soon as the temp starts dropping I run to my boots and scarves. Oh boots, how I've missed you!

I will wear my boots any way I can: under slacks, with skirts and tights or over jeans. There's just one problem. I hate how jeans, even skinny jeans, bunch up inside my boots.

Remember stirrup pants? Weren't they awesome for wearing with boots? Yes, but, did you ever try to get some extra mileage and wear them with other shoes? Yeah, awkward. Don't you wish there was a way to get the function of stirrup pants without the goofy side effects? Well, now there is.

This morning as I was getting dressed I grabbed some scrap elastic and a handful of safety pins and within minutes I had be-stirruped my jeans.

Sorry for the funky picture. It is quite awkward to photograph your own foot.

In the future I might rig up some more permanent hooks and eyes, but for now the safety pins are working just fine.

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