I May Have A SLIGHT Shoe Problem

And by slight I mean crippling. I constantly feel the need for new shoes to satisfy some requirement that has cropped up, whether it's shoes for running, shoes for work or shoes for being sexy yet also in pain.

Most recently I decided I needed new shoes for my new on-my-feet-all-day retail life. I survived my first 3 months wearing only my Asics running shoes. They were (and still are) supremely comfortable, but I was getting a little tired of wearing the same pair of shoes every day. That's just not appropriate behavior for a shoe hoarder like myself. I had also been thinking that I wanted to get some tennis shoe sandal things* that still provided foot support and were close-toed for work, but that also allowed me to go sockless. Seriously, I HATE wearing socks when it's hot out. I've been planning on buying some work shoes for a while and it's a small miracle I held out this long.
*official industry term

Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my newest acquisitions, which were all purchased at DSW:
J-41 Tahoe - $60

J-41 Dash - $60
Naturalizer Yarkona - $42 (on clearance, down from $75!)
Puma Imani Shimmer - $38 (on clearance, down from $70!) -- the link goes to the silver color, but I got the purple as pictured 

When I buy shoes, I BUY SHOES. I mentioned I have a problem.

Now before you judge me for buying old lady, orthopedic shoes, I'm already judging myself a little bit. But, DUDE, they are so comfortable. When you're on your feet all day, comfort is key, so you make a few concessions on aesthetics. And I must say, for comfortable shoes they're fairly cute.

As usual, I am not of the magnitude to have sponsored posts. These are just shoes I own and adore.

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