Wherein I Am Compared To Starchy Vegetables

Saturday, as a belated birthday present, my mom treated me to an afternoon of shopping. I returned the favor by springing for $7 worth of frozen yogurt. That's fair from where I'm sitting.

On said shopping excursion I tried on a sweater dress. Those of you who are pear-shaped (like me) probably already recoiled in horror at the phrase "sweater dress" but I am apparently an idiot because I put the demon dress on my body anyway.

Not the exact dress, but similar. I promise it would be equally unflattering on me.

While staring at myself in the mirror, I said "Ugh. Could I look more like a sack of potatoes?"

Without missing a beat, Mom shot back "Yeah, that dress could be brown."

We fell into a fit of giggles - saying that I probably smell like Thanksgiving - and it made me want a daughter someday. Don't get me wrong, I adore my son, but I will never get to call him fat in a dressing room and call it bonding.

Love ya Mom.

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Lynn said...

This made me laugh out loud. :-)

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