Going: New Orleans, LA Recap

I don't want to bore my faithful readers (all 3 of you) with all the details of the New Orleans trip so I'll just hit the high points.

First and foremost in my memory from any trip is always the food. The hubby and I tried some new foods, including crawfish, bread pudding and hurricanes. But the best part is that in New Orleans, you can carry open alcoholic beverages on the sidewalk as long as the container is plastic. Sweet!

Next a few shots of some tourist places. Top left, the Place D'Armes Hotel. Top right, an old-fashioned painted billboard. Bottom left, the Saint Louis Cathedral across from Jackson Square. Bottom right, a french quarter streetcar. We also took a ghost tour, but it's quite hard to capture that in photos - trust me I tried.

Next up are a few shots of the butterfly exhibit at the Audubon Insectarium. When there are hundreds of butterflies flying among beautiful backdrops, it's not hard to get a good frame or two.

And to end the post, some eye candy I shot along the way. A palm tree at the Washington Armory, votive candles at the St Louis Cathedral, another butterfly the the insectarium and the view between two monuments at a cemetery.

For more pictures click here. All images by me.


Rach H said...

Beautiful images!

I really love your style (but you already know that)!!

Mrs H said...


Mrs H said...

ok, so the formatting is screwy, but i'll fix it when i get home... aaargh!

*ChElSeA fAyE* said...

So Congrats on the 1 year mark :) Its hard to believe that we were in vegas for ya'lls wedding last year! Wow has time flown by! Great pics by the way! Looks like the trip was a lot of fun!

ocrismonxclovero said...

Love the pics Allison! :)

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